Ghislaine Maxwell, confidant of Jeffrey Epstein, arrested for sexual exploitation investigation

Ghislaine  Maxwell, confidant of Jeffrey Epstein, arrested for sexual exploitation investigation
Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell

Ms. Maxwell on MR. Epstein was charged with recruiting, grooming and then helping sexually abused girls, one of whom was 14 years old. The daughter of the late British government publication Robert Maxwell has been accused of playing a role in the smuggling operation.

The girl was 14 years old when she met financier Jeffrey Epstein and her partner Ghislaine Maxwell in the 1990s. They tried to be his friends, taking him to shopping and movies. Ms. Maxwell asked about her family and school.

Authorities made the announcement late Thursday, arresting Ghislaine Maxwell, a longtime confidant of Jeffrey Epstein in New Hampshire, in connection with an accused sex traffic.

Then, Ms. Maxwell began acting improperly in front of the girl and recruited her to participate in Mr. Epstein's sexual massage, prosecutors said. According to the new MEXID indictment, Ms. Maxwell had given Mr. This pattern continued for years, fulfilling Epstein's darkest desires and participating in some abuses.

Authorities said he was detained in Bradford at 8:30 am, and appeared hours later through a video feed from Magistrate Judge Andrea Johnstone in Concord.

Ms. Maxwell, the daughter of a publishing magnate and once a fixture on New York's social scene, was arrested on Thursday in New Hampshire, where officials said she was in hiding. He was accused of carrying several young girls in Mr. Epstein's class.

Maxwell was charged with six counts of acts committed between 1994 and 1997 and then in 2016 allegedly lied to investigators. Four complaints are for allegedly helping transport minors for sexual activities and two for criminal offenses.

Ms. Maxwell, Sh. The arrest of Epstein's former girlfriend and longtime collaborator was the latest twist in a legal saga that has been a source of international intrigue and conspiracy theories. The case has been drawn in prominent academics, politicians, business leaders and even the British royal family.

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"Attorney Maxwell was instrumental in helping Epstein's identity, the victim for the abuse, and the groom," US Attorney Audrey Strauss told reporters in Manhattan. "In some cases, Maxwell himself participated in the misconduct."

Nearly a year after Ms. Epstein's arrest, Ms. Epstein was charged with sexual harassment and abuse of dozens of girls and women at her mansion in Manhattan, her property in Palm Beach, Fla., And elsewhere.

Authorities said FBI agents in New York, Boston, Newark and Albany were keeping an eye on Maxwell before his arrest. She was living on a 156-acre property in a 4,300-square-foot wooden frame house for more than $ 1 million by a Record Limited Liability Corporation last year.

New SBI Assistant Director William Sweeney said, "Recently we came to know that he had taken away a grand property in New Hampshire as a privilege, while his victims lived with trauma on him years ago. " York City.

Ghislaine Maxwell Hint

A month after his arrest, in August 2019, Mr. Epstein hanged himself in his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Lower Manhattan, where he was jailed in a pending trial on charges of sexual trafficking. After his death, federal prosecutors said they would continue to investigate their partners.
Ghislaine  Maxwell, confidant of Jeffrey Epstein, arrested for sexual exploitation investigation
charges against Ms. Maxwell

For the past year, Ms. Maxwell, now 58, had been hiding in various locations in New England, prosecutors wrote in a memo on Thursday. He changed his email address and registered a new phone number named "G Max". He ordered the package using a different person's name for the shipping label.

Prosecutors said that recently, Ms. Maxwell Bradford, N.H. Living on a 156-acre property where he was arrested. The property was acquired in an all cash purchase in December, and prosecutors said the buyer's identity was shielded by a limited liability corporation.

"We were ready when we were ready and Ms. Maxwell was arrested without incident."

Prosecutors said Maxwell risked an "extreme" flight, as he had enough money in several bank accounts and had American, French and U.K. Holds were passports and traveled frequently to the UK, Japan and Qatar.

According to prosecutors, "Given the seriousness of the charges, the strength of the evidence and the possibility of prolonged exposure - creates an extraordinary incentive to flee."

On Thursday, a defense lawyer in court said Maxwell wanted a bail hearing when his case reached the Southern District of New York.

Many youngsters have accused 58-year-old Magwell, the youngest daughter of British publication magnate Robert Maxwell of Epstein's alleged sex trafficking ring. They say he recruited them directly or provided prefix assistance, such as visiting Epstein's home. The alleged misconduct occurred in Palm Beach, Florida; Santa Fe, New Mexico; At Epstein's home on the upper east side of Manhattan, officials said Thursday.

Epstein victim Jennifer Erajo said in a statement, "Maxwell was the center of that sex trafficking ring. Now that the ring has been taken, I know I can't hurt anymore." Aroz accused Epstein of sexually abusing her when she was just a teenager, and Maxwell claimed that he and other employees "conspired with each other and otherwise facilitated sexual abuse and rape of the plaintiff ". "

"Day after day, I'm waiting for the news that Maxwell will be arrested and held responsible for his actions," Aroz said. "His arrest is a step in that direction, and it is a true sense that the justice system does not forget about us."

Officers had tracked Ms. Maxwell's movements and recently learned of her transfer to a New Hampshire home, an F.B. The officer said.

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The indictment charged Ms. Maxwell with six charges including transporting a minor with the intent to engage in criminal sexual activity. He faced felony charges for his statements during a 2016 statement about his role in Mr. Epstein's alleged sex trafficking operation.

"Maxwell wooed the minor girls, got them to trust them, then trapped them in a trap and Epstein had set for them," said Audrey Strauss, in a press conference Thursday in the U.S. District of Southern District of New York. Advocate of. .

Lawrence A., Ms. Maxwell's attorney. Vogelman declined to comment. He has previously denied wrongdoing in civil lawsuits. The indictment lists three minor victims that the prosecutor says were recruited by Ms. Maxwell from 1994 to 1997 without her identity. Federal laws allow the government to prosecute sex crimes committed against minors at any time during the lifetime of the victim.
According to Strauss, Epstein gained the victim's trust with Maxwell's significant help.

Strauss said, "Maxwell will discuss sexual topics with the victim and pressurize her in front of the victim." "Maxwell's appearance as an adult woman helped keep victims at a minimum, as Maxwell and Epstein intended. This grooming process made minor victims susceptible to sexual abuse."

Maxwell's alleged role quickly gained attention in August, when Epstein's former masseur, staff and associates' deposits were exposed without a court ruling. He portrayed Maxwell's portrait as the prime promoter of the accused sexual predator.

Epstein's assets have sought to protect Maxwell from civil legal liability by classifying him as a former employee under the terms of the recently established Epstein Victims Compensation Fund, according to the administrator for the program.

To receive the money from the funds, the victims must waive their right to prosecute someone employed by Epstein.

Maxwell denied any wrongdoing through public court filings and statements.

Strauss on Thursday refused to discuss any details about Britain's Prince Andrew, who had ever befriended Epstein and photographed with Maxwell.

"I'm not going to comment on anyone's position in this investigation," Strauss said. "But I would say that we would welcome Prince Andrew to speak with us. We would like to take advantage of his statement."

Epstein was arrested at an airport in Teterboro, New Jersey on July 6 last year as he returned from Paris in a private jet. He was charged with one count of sex trafficking conspiracy and one count of sex trafficking, and faced up to 45 years in prison if found guilty.

He pleaded not guilty and was denied bail.

The indictment in his case showed that he had sought out minors, some of whom were 14 years old, at least through 2002 through 2005 and had them for their property in a Manhattan townhouse or Palm Beach, Florida Hundreds of dollars in cash were given. Ada, federal prosecutor, appeared last month.

Before Epstein could conduct the trial, he was found dead in his Manhattan prison cell shortly after 6:30 a.m. on August 10 last year. His death was termed suicide. During the night, many of the guards responsible for examining Epstein's cell had recorded inaccurate records and were never actually investigated.

Ms. Maxwell appeared in federal court in New Hampshire on Thursday afternoon, where a magistrate judge ordered her to be detained and sent to New York pending further proceedings.
In a memorandum stating that Ms. Maxwell should go to jail by the time of trial, prosecutors said she risked excessive flight, partly because of her financial resources. Investigators said they had identified more than 15 bank accounts involving Ms. Maxwell, with total times exceeding $ 20 million.

Prosecutors described her overall financial picture as "opaque and uncertain". Prosecutors said that between 2007 and 2011, Min. More than $ 20 million was transferred from accounts linked to Maxwell.

For years, Mr. Epstein had a lawsuit, news articles, and even a state criminal case in Florida in which he accused girls and women of poaching. But he avoided any lasting consequences until his arrest last year by federal authorities, which launched a comprehensive investigation into his colleagues.

As part of the investigation, federal authorities sought cooperation from Prince Andrew, the second son of Queen Elizabeth II. He was a longtime friend of both Ms. Maxwell and Mr. Epstein.
In an unusual move, prosecutors publicly announced that Prince refused to help in their investigation. Last month, Prince's lawyers said he agreed to give written statements to New York prosecutors, but would not sit for the interview.

On Thursday, Ms. Strauss said federal prosecutors would still like to speak with Prince Andrew. The investigation continues, and officers have urged others who may have suffered to contact the authorities.

Said Sweebee Jr., William F., head of FBB. "The set predestined by the women involved in this investigation is a powerful one." Office in New York. "They remained against the rich and connected, and they did so without a badge, a gun, or a subfamily, and they stood together."
At the time of his death and throughout the year, federal prosecutors swore that Epstein's conduct would be investigated and whoever would be involved in recruiting or facilitating his sexual relationships with minors.

Epstein previously served 13 months of an 18-month sentence for two Florida prostitution charges. Epstein pleaded guilty in 2008 after he pleaded guilty, many of whom were considered very lenient and who hide their details from the victims.

The deal was agreed by former Labor Secretary Alex Acosta, who was then an American lawyer in Miami. Mr. Epstein, who grew up in Brooklyn with modest means and built a life of luxury with powerful officials and politicians, including President Trump and former President Bill Clinton.

In a video released in 1992 last year, Mr. Trump and Mr. Epstein was shown watching and commenting together with the women in Mar-a-Lago at the Mr. Trump Club in Flora, Pam Trump told reporters last year. In 15 years he has not spoken to Mr. Epstein.

Mr. Clinton gave Mr. Has traveled on Epstein's private jet and traveled to his home in New York, but the two had not spoken in a decade, a spokeswoman said last year.

Mr. Last Year's indictment against Epstein was brought under Geoffrey S. Burman, US Attorney in Manhattan. President Trump fired Mr. Burman less than two weeks ago, prompting Mr. Burman's top deputy, Ms. Strauss, to handle the investigation.

Ms. Strauss said that the timing of the allegations had nothing to do with Mr. Burman's firing.

The lawsuits have long accused Ms. Epwell of managing the network to include young and often financially-bound girls and women in Mr. Epstein's plan, promising that she would be responsible for her education and career Will be. Will help them.

After Ms. Maxwell befriended the girls and established a relationship with them, she would "normalize sexual abuse" by having sex with them or talking about sexual topics, the indictment stated.

Prosecutors said that when Mr. Epstein offered to pay for travel and educational opportunities for some girls, Ms. Maxwell encouraged him to accept her assistance.
Mr. Despite her association with Epstein, Ms. Maxwell's social reputation was insecure for years. In 2013, he created Lloyd C., then chief executive of Goldman Sachs, at an event supporting marriage equality. Blankin attended a book party by New York Mayor Michael R. Had a party with Bloomberg.

But Ms. Giffrey filed a defamation lawsuit against her in 2015 and Ms. Maxwell disappeared from the New York party circuit.

After Mr. Epstein's arrest, he stopped appearing in public.

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