What is Knowledge - Motivational Speech by APJ ABDUL KALAM about Knowledge at SRM University

What is Knowledge ? Characterized by APJ Abdul Kalam, rousing discourse

My greetings to all of you.

While I am with you, I would like to talk about what I can talk to you, you can give me ideas, but I decided, I first I will start with since you are a knowledge institution.  

I would like to talk about knowledge.

What is knowledge,

What are its components,

knowledge equal to according to me knowledge equal to creativity plus righteousness plus courage, let us define now knowledge is equal to creativity, righteousness and courage now, when you leave this now The combination of these characteristics, what they said three thing can generate the enlightened citizens. When you leave the university campus, your education and the learning process of all the way of life teachers, you you're not only what you learn in your syllabus, the way the teachers live their way teacher, teachers, their way of teachers, their ways of teachers, all becomes education. So that's integrated ways college. Now, let me define I said knowledge equal to creativity plus righteousness plus courage.

What is creativity? 

Now you attempt with me, all of you when I say when you say learning. Gil's creativity Creativity leads to thinking, thinking provides knowledge, knowledge, makes you great. Knowledge makes you great. Then there is beauty in the character. There is harmony in the home. When there is beauty in the character, there is harmony in the home.

When there is harmony in the home,there is order in the nation. When these are when there is order in the nation.When these are when there is order in the nation
there is peace of the world.

now, the ad Where do you get that? That peace in the world the starting point, the starting where the starting point, that righteousness in the heart, how do you get it righteous in the heart? How do you get it? That's why I said yes sir I'm University. You have we ever been the righteousness if it is a built in you, you are becoming finally the world class citizen and the enlightened citizen. That's why the second first component creativity, second component.

Now we are coming to the third component that is courage, courage, courage, to think different courage to invent courage to travel into an unexplored path to discover the impossible. Correct compared the problems and succeed or their unique qualities of the youth as a youth of a nation.

I will work work with courage to achieve success in all dimensions. So, friends So, now you know what you are doing in this campus SRM campus what you are doing okay. Understood, understood here. Now, the next part next subject I am going to discuss with you I am visualizing I am visualizing how the engineering how the engineering medical Management other professionals assembled here to make a difference to the billion people of India in the develop the development profile of the nation by 2020.

Let me now I am going to let me present the distinctive profile of India act on T 20. When you go out on this campus, you'll be working at various places. Somebody who some people will be how many of you want to become great scientist? Lift your hand. How many of you want to become a great medical doctors, medical doctors, how many of you great medical doctors. Okay, how many of you want to go to Mars? Mars? How many of you got what was very good, very good. Good luck for olofi I will be with you.

I will give you three parts. Won't you take all medical students Okay, number one v v. v, the medical professionals we realize that we are doing God's mission we will we will give part of our time treating patients who cannot afford we will treat we will treat at least don't t rural patient in a year in a year at minimum cost at minimum cost going to going to rural areas. When you do that, we will follow the motto we will follow the motto that my brain, let my brain remove the pain, remove the pain of the suffering humanity and bring smiles Okay. Thank you all To do so.

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