What Happens After Death? Sadhguru looks at the mechanics of how the human system is structured, and what happens when the physical body falls dead.

The question is, is there rebirth? If it's there, what is the basis for one being to go from one birth to another? What is it that carries person from one to another?

Now, if you need to understand this, you must have some understanding of the mechanics of who you are and talking about the mechanics of how a human being is built. 

So, when you say a human being now Tomas benefit is the physical body. In yoga, we look at everything as body because it is easier for you to understand that way. So, we see the body has five dimensions of five sheets. 

physical body is known as unremarkable. annamaya kosha means and that means the foot, this is foot body. Next one is called mano Mikasa. That means it's the mental body. The third one is called prana Mikasa, which means the energy body, physical body, mental body, energy body. All these three dimensions are physical, their physical existence, physical body is very cross. Mental bodies subtler energy bodies even subtler but all these three are physical.

Just like the light bulb is physical, you can see that the electricity behind also is physical isn't the wire that connects is also physical, the electrons that flow through the wire also our physical existence.

So similarly, physical body, mental body, planning body all physical dimensions of life. This physical dimension of life, both, in all these three dimensions, carries the imprint of karma on the body, it is imprinted on the mind it's imprinted. And the energy to this karmic imprints, or the karmic structure is what holds it together. Karma is the cement, which holds you to the physical body.

Karma is the bondage. At the same time, it's only because of karmic stuff, you can hold on to the body and be here. This is where spirituality seems to be difficult, because if you try to take it away, it doesn't work. If you try to add it doesn't work. You need to be just there. If you're just there, it's a moment. Now, the next two dimensions are called Big nanometer kosha and on the micro vigna my quota is non physical, but related to the physical, it is like a transient state and under my kosha is completely non physical. So we can make kosher and anonymity course I mean it's the bliss body, there is a bliss body inside, which is 100% non physical, it has no form of its own. Only if the energy body, the mental body and the physical body are in shape, it can hold the bliss body in shape.

If these things are taken away, the bliss body will just become a part of the cosmos. So, whatever you're referring to as admin, or the soul is a fiction actually, in the sense people are describing a certain limitation The non physical as a soul, but the body for the soul is still your karma. If the karmic structure is completely dismantled, there is no soul. Everything merges into everything else. What is referred to as Maha Samadhi, or Mahabharata, Nirvana is just this, that you slowly understand where the keys are, and dismantle the karmic structure structure, so that you become truly no more.

When somebody dies, we say this person is no more that's not true. That person is no more the way you know them, but they still very much exist. Now if you dismantle the karmic structure 100% now you merge with existence. This is what is referred to smoke the Maha Samadhi. In Hindu tradition, it is referred to as multi in yoga Tradition it is referred to as Maha Samadhi. In the Buddhist way, it is called as Mahabharata Nirvana. Generally in English we are saying liberation. liberation means becoming free from the very process of life and birth. And that liberation means becoming free from the basic structures are body and mind. And for all this the karmic structure is the strings, which hold these things together. So, when a person dies, obviously, the physical body is something that you borrowed from the earth.

This body is just Earth, isn't it? You understand? this physical body is just a piece of Earth, which is right now, prancing around like this, but you have to pay it back atom to atom no interest though. But you have to pay back every atom you won't be allowed to carry a single atom from this planet. Nobody has managed it. The physical body will fall apart the mental body and the pranic body depending upon the strength of your karma goes on. If the karmic structure is very intense unfinished, then it has to finish it. If the kurma has become weak because it has run its course, then it very easily finds another body. If it has to find another body, the intensity of the structure should come down it should become passive.

If it is very intense it cannot find it has to hang. So, this is what you're referring to as ghosts. Somebody is that his karmic structure is still intense because it's not over. Now, he needs much more time to find another body. He still exists and the more intense This karmic structure is the more visible he becomes a more experientially available to people. There are innumerable such beings all around you, if you don't whether you know it or you don't know it, but most of them you won't feel because their karma is dissipated. They're just waiting for more dissipation before they find another party. But if their karma is very intense, this is why they told you in the tradition if somebody dies unnaturally, either by accident or suicide or some other way, they will become ghosts.

It is not so everybody becomes It is just that they are more experienceable they are more available to your experience because they have more intense karmic structures. So you people miss experience them a little more than other beings who die of old age.

If one completely completes, this says a lot of karma for that life. He will die, just like that without disease without accident without any injury. When one die simply like that, that person may find another body within hours. This is why, in this tradition always they said if one completes his life and dies peacefully, it's the best way to die because he did not hang around immediately it goes on. Now, when you walk the spiritual path, the ultimate goal for every spiritual seeker is he wants to break this whole process or otherwise to use an analogy.

We can say what you call as my soul right now is like a bubble. The outer periphery of the bubble is your karmic structure. Inside there is a suppose you blow the bubble, you burst the bubble. Where is the Where is your air There is no such thing as your a it's become part of everything. So what you call a soul is fictious because there is no such thing as your soul and my soul and somebody else's soul. Right now, this unbounded ness is contained in the limited karmic structure. So it makes you believe as if this is a separate separate entity. If you take away the keys which hold the karmic structure, then it just collapses. So, this afterlife next, but don't believe all this nonsense. But right now if you sit here and just close your eyes, you can clearly see more than this body you are.

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