Tik Tok's rating in the Google App Store has come down

Tik Tok's rating in the Google App Store has come down
Tik Tok rating

Tik Tok is not taking the name of the dispute being reduced. This social media app came under target with the first content. Now the campaign to give this app a poor rating on the Play Store has started.

Tik Tok's rating has come down

That too so loudly Tik Tok's rating in the Google App Store has come down to 1.3 stars. It is being given 1 star continuously.  A few months ago this rating was 4.9. In the same Apple Apps store, Tik Tok has a rating of 3.8, previously it was 4.8. Any app is rated out of 5 stars. The higher the rating, the better the app is considered. Tik Tok alone has over 100 million downloads in the Google Play Store. Also, about 80 crore active users are told on this. The China company owns it.

Now understand why Tik Tok's rating is falling

There are many complaints about Tik Tok in the last few days. Questions are arising on its content. A video of the Tik Tok star was revealed in which

  • Promotes acid throwing on women.
  • Apart from this, a complaint of promoting rape came in another video.
Apart from this, there is a fight between YouTube and Tik tok usage. In which the users of both are filling up their respective platforms and calling each other useless. Amidst all this, #BenTik Tok is trending on Twitter. From then on, the process of reducing the rating of Tik Tok started.

People went to the play store and app store and started giving Tik Tok 1 star in the whip and review too. For information, please tell that there is no less than 1 rating. Indian users have a big hand in dropping Tiktok's rating. This is not the first time Tik Tok has got into any trouble. In April 2019, the Madras High Court ordered the ban of the Tik Tok app. However, the order was later withdrawn.

What happens when rating is low

App reputation on rating is bad if it is low. Many people see an rating and download an app. People avoid downloading the app when it is low rating. Also, its visibility in the play store and app store is also affected.

Expert says that Google or Apple often remove low rated apps from the first page. He also calls for improvement. App creator Vivek Shah while talking to Business Insider said that even after getting a poor rating, 1 star app can be available for downloading. Although the image of the app is bad. Because a bad review only hurts.

Zoom app is the latest example of an app staying in the play store even after a poor rating. In March-April, the zoom app was criticized due to security concerns. Thousands of people made negative comments. Its rating also came down from 4.5 stars to 2 stars. Later its rating was again 4 stars. In such a situation, how much will be affected by the Tik Tok will be seen.

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