Pop diva Madonna has revealed that she has tested positive for the Covid-19 anitbodies.

Madonna tests positive for coronavirus antibodies, says she is 'going to take in the Covid-19 air' 

Madonna uncovers she has coronavirus antibodies 

Through the most recent release of her 'isolate journals' arrangement, American vocalist lyricist Madonna uncovered that she has been tried positive for coronavirus antibodies. 

The 61-year-old vocalist took to Instagram to make the declaration and posted a video of herself on IGTV.LOS ANGELES: Pop diva Madonna has uncovered that she has tried positive for the Covid-19 anitbodies.

The vocalist shared the news in the fourteenth release of her "Isolate Diary" on Instagram TV.

"Stepped through an examination a day or two ago and I discovered that I have the antibodies. So tomorrow I'm simply going to go for a lengthy drive in the vehicle, and I'm going to lower the window and I'm going to take in the Covid-19 air. That is correct. I trust the sun is sparkling," Madonna said.

As per Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), US, counter acting agent tests are utilized to decide if an individual has been presented to COVID-19 by discovering proteins the body produces to battle the infection.

Be that as it may, the CDC presently can't seem to affirm if the ownership of antibodies is equivalent to immunity.The World Health Organization (WHO) for a very long time accepted that coronavirus can't taint pets like mutts or felines.

In under a month, a few reports of different creatures getting the maladies made the WHO respite and consider their position. The reports propose this fatal infection can break the species boundary and move around.

WHO's intergovernmental creature wellbeing body - World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) - affirmed that there is a likelihood that a few creatures can get tainted through close contact with contaminated people.

OIE said that reviews are in progress to comprehend the issue better and that it is still too soon to state whether pets could be the middle of the road have in the transmission of the COVID-19.

While they are asking any individual who has gotten debilitated to restrain contact with pets, we take a gander at all the creatures who gotten the infection from people.

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