10 Interesting facts about Amazon forest

Interesting facts about Amazon forest
Amazon forest

You must have heard the name of the world's largest forest Amazon. If we talk about the Earth, then the Amazon forest is the heart of our Earth. Which means 20% of our Earth's oxygen is produced from the Amazon forest.

Interesting facts about the Amazon forest

Let's know some interesting facts about the Amazon forest Let us go to the jungle city of amazon. Our journey begins.
  • After the Arabian Sea, India comes to some African countries.
  • After this comes the ocean and after that Brazil will come.
  • What you can see in this part, this is the Amazon jungle
So let's get to know this forest closely
  • The Amazon jungle is spread across not one but 9 countries
  • 60% of its largest in Brazil
  • 13% in Peru
  • After 10% in Colombia, it is spread over five countries

4 billion trees in the Amazon forest

Do you know there are more than 4 billion trees in the Amazon forest? The trees of the Amazon forest are so big and dense that the land here also craves for sunlight, which means that the rays of the sun do not reach the earth. The trees here are so dense that 62% of the world's rainforest comes from the Amazon forests alone.

Amazon forest is about 5.6 million square cube meters.

Do you know, the total area of ​​the Amazon forest is about 5.6 million square cube meters. Which is more than the total area of ​​our India. You can understand how big a forest the Amazon forest is. Which is spread over about 4% of the entire earth.
Amazon River
The Amazon River is the second largest river in the world And do you know, the Amazon River is the second largest river in the world. If we talk about water storage, Amazon is the largest river in the world. Do you know, 20% of the world's river meets the Amazon river. And during the rainy days when all the water is stored in the river, sometimes the width of the river increases so much that it is not known from this end of the river to that end. It seems that we are seeing an ocean, whose ends are not known.

Do you know
  • There are more than 17000 species of trees only in the Amazon forest.
  • More than 30000 species of insects are found here.
  • More than 5000 species of fish are found in the river of Amazon.
  • And you will be surprised to know that more than 3000 spider species are found in this forest.

Dangerous creatures

Some of the dangerous creatures found in the Amazon forest
  • Bullet ant - Bullet ant is an ant that is very small. But you must have seen a lot of ants but have not seen an ant like Bullet ant. It is very small to see but its sting is very dangerous. The bite of this ant is similar to the firing of a bullet. Hence it is probably called Bullet ant. Its bite causes a lot of pain, which is very difficult to bear. Due to its bite, very high fever also occurs. Hence it is called Bullet ant. It is found in very high amounts in the Amazon forest.
  • Poisonous Frogs - Do you know about 120 types of poisonous frogs are also found in the Amazon forest. This bright golden colored frog looks very attractive. But like poison is found to kill about 10 people in a frog. It is found in many colors and it is most visible during the rainy days. When the local people or tourists go to roam here, they get very far on seeing this frog.Because this frog is very poisonous.
  • Anaconda - Anaconda Snake You may have seen many times in a Hollywood movie. In which many big snakes roam in the same place and humans are swallowed directly. But in reality, such a huge anaconda is not found in the Amazon forest. Anaconda snake is found in Amazon forest but its length is about 30 feet to 40 feet. Whose poison is not there, but it is very dangerous. It consumes large animals as soon as they swallow. Once an animal swallows it, it can remain without eating for almost a month. It is mostly found in marshy places or watery places.
  • River - there is a river in the Amazon jungle whose temperature is about 110 degree centigrade. In which water is seen boiling at some places. The water here is very hot. Some tribe people here, if a resident of any tribe dies, then instead of burning and burying that body, put the body in this river. Some tribes believe that this river is also called the gate of heaven.
  • Jagwar - The most dangerous animal in the Amazon jungle is considered the bloodiest Jagwar, it is a type of leopard species. Which is very agile. It stays away from humans and it hunts animals more.
  • Eagle - Do you know that an eagle is found in the jungles of Amazon, which is very dangerous. Its size is very large and its only wingspan is more than 3 feet. It weighs from 5 to 6 kg. It can fly twice by holding its weight twice its weight. Because of which its favorite hunting monkey is considered. It also hunts children of big animals. It is very dangerous, but this species is slowly disappearing.

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